Heat Transfer

It was not until the early 1960s that engineers began using mineral oil as a nonpressurized heat-carrier on an industrial scale. Since that time, thermal oils have taken over around the world as the preferred heat carrier, greatly decreasing the importance of hot water. ALLWEILER has been part of this trend since "day one" and, because we built the very first "thermal oil pump", we quickly became a German industry leader in this area. Using these experiences as a foundation, ALLWEILER expanded its activities internationally in this market segment.
More than 100,000 thermal oil pumps have been built and commissioned during the last fifteen years. Today, ALLWEILER commands 25 % of the global market, making it one of the major players in the industry. ALLWEILER Thermal Oil Pumps are in operation in virtually every industrialized country of the world.
However, the use of hot water has not been neglected. In fact ALLWEILER has developed a new generation of pumps that are well-suited for the physical characteristics of both liquids.
The new ALLHEAT® series is one of the few pump designs on the market that (with absolutely no changes!) can pump thermal oil up to 350 °C, or hot water up to about 207 °C. In addition, ALLHEAT® can also be used with modern very-low-viscosity synthetic thermal oils with virtually no limitations. You'll never find a more universal pump!


Series with shaft seal:

Pumped liquid Pump series
Hot water up to 100°C:
above 100°C:
Mineral-based thermal oils NTT, NBT, NIT
Synthetic thermal oils ALLHEAT 

Series with magnet drive:

Pumped liquid Pump series
Hot water and heat carrier oils ALLMAG


Chemical, specialty chemical, rubber and plastics industries, for example

  • Distillation plants
  • Polymerization plants and cooling of reaction systems
  • Calenders for film production
  • Fiber production
  • Vulcanization machines

Bitumen and tar-processing industry, for example:

  • Bitumen tank farms
  • Roofing felt production systems

Mineral oil industry, for example

  • Heavy oil plants
  • Plants for evaporation of solvents and extraction media

Food Industry, for example

  • Baking ovens
  • Bottle cleaning systems
  • Deep-frying systems
  • Starch-drying systems

Soap and detergent industry, for example

  • Spraying and drying towers
  • Saponification systems

Wood and paper industry, for example

  • Presses for particleboard, plywood and veneer
  • Gluing machines
  • Lamination rollers
  • Calender rollers and drying cylinders

Construction, quarrying and earth industries, for example

  • Brick presses
  • Precast concrete production systems

Textile industry and laundry facilities, for example

  • Dryers
  • Heating for presses, washing machines, mangles and ironing machines

Metal industry, for example

  • Metal degreasing systems
  • Galvanic baths

Marine & Offshore, for example

  • Heavy oil and bitumen chambers
  • Heat recovery from diesel engine exhaust on ships

Heating supply in commercial buildings

Applications categorized by consumer types

  • Air heaters
  • Stirring tanks, containers and baths
  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam generators
  • Industrial water suppliers
  • Roller cylinder heating
  • Press heating
  • Heating/cooling loops
  • Heating/cooling/low temperature cooling