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Vertical Pumps - VO

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Operating Range

Delivery Size

DN 25 to 300 mm


upto 900 m3/hr


upto 120m


upto 120° C

Design: Vertical suspended pumps with closed and open impellers, for wet pit or dry pit applications, wear resistant design, overhung impellers upto 2 metres submersion depth, intermediate bush bearing support for submersion depth over 2 metres. Self-priming, simple mounting.


  • Recommended where space economy matters
  • Vertical pumps are reliable alternatives to horizontal pumps
  • Suitable for clear liquids, acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, slurries, waste water, sugar melts, detergents etc

Materials:Graded cast iron /Ni-hard-IV/WCB/CF8/CF8M (SS-316)/317/317L/CD4MCU/Alloy - 20/Hastalloy - B/ Hastalloy - C etc.

Vertical Pumps
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