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Mixed Flow Pumps - MF

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Operating Range

Delivery Size

DN 200 to 450 mm


upto 3000 m3/hr


upto 40m


upto 110° C


upto 7.5 bar


Design: Horizontal, single stage, volute casing pumps with discharge branch arranged tangentially upwards/horizontal, flanged to a bearing pedestal. The pump is normally provided with open impeller.


  • Pumping of clean, turbid or slightly contaminated liquids against medium and low heads in water works, sewage works, for irrigation and drainage, dewatering, pumping sea water and sugar industry, for spray pond/injection water applications.
  • Suitable as coolant pumps in power stations and steel works pumping low concentration cellulose suspensions.

Materials: Graded cast iron, Bronze and CF8M (SS-316).

Mixed Yellow Pumps
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