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Side Channel Pumps - ASP

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Operating Range

Delivery Size

DN 20 to 50 mm


upto 0.5 to 25 m3/hr


upto 250m


upto 120° C


upto 40 bar

Design: Segmental type, horizontal side channel self-priming pumps equipped with unshrouded, vaned wheel impellers. Main objective of the design is for low discharge under high heads with reduced noise. Castings are manufactured by investment casting method.


  • Used when liquids and condensates without abrasive matter are to be handled trouble free under high heads. 
  • These pumps, also used to handle gas during normal liquid duty, are of noiseless operation, in industries running boilers for the handling of condensate and boiler feed water. 
  • For the construction of washing, cleaning, and spraying plants, and for the construction of fire-extinguishing equipment.

Materials:WCB and CF8M (SS-316)

Side Channel Pumps
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