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Slurry Pumps - AR

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Operating Range

Delivery Size

DN 50 to 300 mm


upto 2000m3/hr


upto 60m/stage


upto 110° C


upto 25 bar

Design: Armoured centrifugal pumps, heavy duty, single stage with axial inlet, and overhung mounted impeller. Pump has TWIN casings i.e. outer and inner. Outer casing is in CI/Carbon Steel to withstand the required hydrostatic pressure and inner casing in special Ni-hard materials to take only the entire wear. In case of replacement, the inner casing alone with set of wear plates need to be replaced.


  • To handle particularly liquids containing abrasive and coarse grained solids such as magnetite pulp, ferro silicon pulp, coal slurries, floatation tailings, out size material middling, sand water mixtures, coarse grained material in mining cocking plouts, ash slurry in thermal power stations, iron ore in beneficiation plants etc.

Outer Casing :
 CI (FG260) & WCB 
Inner Casing : Ni-hard-IV and Ni-HiCr with 550BHN

Slurry Pumps
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