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Submersible & Dewatering Pumps (MBH)


Portable Submersible Pump Portable Submersible Pump

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Constructional Feature : Supply in standard graded C. I. Construction Non-clog type c.I. Impeller with double mechanical seal and shredding device having free passage of particles in suspension.

Motor : 
Available in both single Phase and three phase squirrel cage indcution dry motor with class 'F' insulation and IP 68 Protection

Applications : MBH Portable submersible pumps are most economical and reliable to handle water with suspended solid to dewater, storm water, construction site etc.

Note :

  • Available on request :
  • Pump with S.S. Impeller
  • Pump with Aluminium / S.S. Construction

Technical Specifications :

  • Head : upto 20 meter.
  • Capacity Q. : upto 560 LPM
  • H.P. : 1.0 HP, 1.5 HP, 2.0 HP






PS - 1.0





PS - 1.5





PS - 2.0







Dewatering Pumps

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Construction : MBH Dewatering pumps are portable pumping units which have pump below and motor above construction. These are powered by squirrel cage induction motors suitable to 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC supply, totally enclosed. The motor windings are water and oil resistant and ingress of water or moisture inside the motor due to seal failure or other reason will not render the pump in operative. The pump motor unit is of close coupled construction and the double casing design provides on effective water cooling of the motor by water flowing around the motor casing the motor is sealed by special mechanical seal so that the pumping media like waste water, storm water muddy and sandy water does not enter the motor chamber and damage the motor. All parts are made from specially selected material and processed to ensure long life under arduous operation conditions.
MBH Dewatering pumpsets are available on both type i.e. water filled, cooled & lubricated as well as oil filled, cooled & lubricated designs.

Advantages : MBH Dewatering pumps are of simple and robust design and can withstand rough handling at construction sites and any other heavy duty applications. After installation, the MBH pump helps itself. Under normal conditions, these pumps require much less attendance before service in other words cost of labour is reduced to a minimum. Pumps have high overall efficiency and that means low powercosts. MBH Dewatering pumps can be operated in series to achieve higher heads.




  • Dewatering trenches
  • Building construction sites
  • Dam sites
  • Mines
  • Pits
  • Head : up to 1000 mtrs.
  • Capacity : up to 1200 cu.mt/hr
  • Stage : Single/Two
  • Lubrication : Oil / Water
  • H. P. : 1.5 to 200 H.P.
  • Solid Size : up to 50 mm
  • R.P.M. : 2900/1450
  • Bearing : Ball Bearing / Bush Bearing


Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

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Material of Construction :


  • Graded cast iron construction
  • Dynamically Balanced CI / SS impeller
  • EN 8 Shaft
  • SS410 Sleeve
  • Self priming & Centrifugal mechanism
  • Quick priming of dirty water
  • Can handle solids upto 40 mm depending on pump model / size
  • Pump alone can be coupled to motor / engine.
  • Sturdy design
  • Back pull out design No need to open suction / discharge pipe for maintenance.
  • Monoblock / Non monoblock option available.


  • Polluted liquid, muddy water or Fresh Water
  • Dewatering basements, Trenches, Swimming pools, Construction Sites
  • Onboard shift as bildge for desk wash & engine cooling
  • Tiles & Marble factories
  • Any application where priming is to be avoided
  • Head : Upto 35 Mtrs.
  • Capacity : upto 73 LPS
  • Solid Size : 40 mm
  • Drive : Engine / Motor
  • Monoblock version available





Submersible Sewage and Effluent Pumps
Submersible Sewage and Effluent Pumps

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CONSTRUCTION: “MBH” non-clog submersible sewage pumps are of close coupled compact design and, having a pump below and a motor above, sump cleaning is possible to a maximum level. These are powered by squirrel cage induction dry motors suitable for operation at 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply.

Bearings : The bearing arrangements with double angular contact ball bearing with deep groove ball bearings give the best resistance to the radial and thrust load combination in a centrifugal pump. The life rating is over 40000 hrs. The bearing are lubricated for life with a high temperature grease.

Dry, squirrel cage 3 phase motor: The housing is totally dust & waterproof for submersible duty. The cooling is done externally and the special insulation of the winding of the winding takes care of rises in temperature intermittent operations.

Cable Joint : Special triple protection does not permit any liquid entry into the dry motor.

Moisture detection probe : The moisture detector indicates any moisture penetration into the motor.

Thermal Motor Protection : Built-in temperature sensors enable tripping of motor if the temperature rises above 150 deg. C and restarts at 80 deg. C, giving complete dry run protection. Maximum permissible liquid temperature is 50 deg. C.

Guide Device with single guide rail: The guide rail system for lowering and lifting the pump is an outstanding feature. The pump slides down on to the duckfoot bend and engages with it without bolting. It is not necessary to enter the sump to carry out inspection and maintenance work.

Profile Gasket: Ensures flexible, pressure-tight and automatic connection between pump and duckfoot bend.

DoubleMechanical Seals: All “MBH” pumps have as standard equipment double mechanical seals which seal off the motor from the pump section. The seal has seal faces made from silicon carbide for long life. The design of the oil chamber ensures efficient cooling of the seals.

Energy saving impellers to suit different applications: Depending on the liquid, impellers may be semi-open or closed, running against a wear disc or casing ring. For industrial sewage, single channel, two channel or vortex impellers, can be used.

Shaft with rotor : A shaft with a die-cast rotor on the motor side and a shaft protection sleeve on the pump side, ensures better life for the shaft. The compact seal arrangement has minimised shaft over-hand and consequently minimizes shaft deflection.
The motor portion is isolated from the pump by an intermediate casing with double mechanical seal in the oil chamber.

Guide bar coupling : Guide bar type quick release for stationary wet installation. The pump is automatically coupled to the bend




  • Drainage & Sewerage system
  • Sludge, waste water, Storm water
  • Effluent with slurry and solids
  • Transfer of suspended Solids
  • Raw water pumping application 

SpecificationsvHead : Up to 65 mtrs.

  • Capacity : Up to 1500 cu.mt/hr
  • H.P. : 1.5 to 200 H.P.
  • Solid Size : Up to 150 mm
  • R.P.M. : 960 / 1450 / 2900
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