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E5 1/2" Pump: Bolted Metallic

Versa-Matic® provides maximum performance in a mini package with our E8 3/8" pumps. Small enough to fit in your hand, yet capable of pumping up to 6.8 gallons per minute, these pumps can be mounted upright, sideways, and even inverted to adapt to your application. They also feature our patented Elima-Matic® Air Valve System to deliver non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation as well as the elimination of blow-by. E8 pumps are available in Polypropylene and Kynar® wetted materials of construction, with XL (Santoprene®), Geolast® or PTFE interiors.

The E5 1/2" Pump...

  • is available in either plastic or metal
  • supplies a corrosion-resistant air section
  • provides multiple porting options
  • offers an adaptable footprint
  • is self-priming
  • offers center port and split manifolds on plastic bolted pumps

E5 1/2" Bolted Metallic Pump
Specifications Performance Chart
Specifications English  Metric
Flow Rate
adjustable to  0-14 gpm 0-53 lpm
Port Size
Inlet 0.50" NPT
Discharge 0.50" NPT
Air Inlet 0.375" NPTF
Air Exhaust 0.37" NPTF
Suction Lift
15' Dry/25' Wet (6.096m/7.62m)
PTFE: 5' Dry/10 Wet (1.52/3.048m)
Max. Particle Size
Diameter 0.0625" 1.6mm
Shipping Weights
Stainless Steel 18 lbs 8.17 kg
Hastelloy C 18 lbs 8.17 kg
Aluminum 15 lbs 6.8 kg

Determined by actual flow meter tests

Performance Chart of E5 1/2" Bolted Metallic Pump.

Caution: Do not exceed 100 psig (6.9 bars) air supply or liquid pressure


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